Technical Committee (TC) for Standardization No.85 “Subsoil Use and Metallurgy” under the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises


TC’s main objectives:

1.1 TC is a permanently operating consultative and advisory body created in the metal mining industry on a voluntary basis for the development of standards and creation of the state technical regulation system for the fixed areas of standardization and directions of activities.

1.2 In its activities, TC is guided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of technical regulation, interstate and international agreements and legal documents on standardization.

1.3 TC is aimed at improving the quality of national standards, their harmonization with international standards to ensure the competitiveness of domestic products on the domestic and foreign markets, and to remove technical barriers in trade exchange of products (technology, services) with foreign countries.

1.4 Methodological guidance and coordination of TC is provided by the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

TC consists of AMME member companies, universities, government agencies and technical committees for standardization of related industries, interstate technical committees.

TC 85 Subsoil Use and Metallurgy is part of the following interstate technical committees for standardization:

1.ITC 007 Steel cast iron pipes and cylinders

2.ITC 099 Aluminum

3.ITC 106 Nonferrous metal rolling

4.ITC 120 Cast iron, steel, rolling

5.ITC 259 Pipe-rolling fittings

6.ITC 269 Mining

as well as technical standardization committees 75 Industrial safety,

TC 30 Metrology, TC 77 Nanotechnology, TC 53 Certification of machine-building, metallurgical, construction products and services

In 2018, it plans to join international technical committees ISO/TC

Fixed areas of standardization for TC No.85 Subsoil Use and Metallurgy:

— Non-ferrous metallurgy and raw materials

— Ferrous metallurgy and raw materials

— Hydro- and poly-metallurgy

— Alloys

— Man-made mineral formations

— Mining production

— Steelmaking

— Electrometallurgy

— Foundry

— Rolling production

— Pipe production

— Metallography and heat treatment

— Anticorrosive protection of metals

The TC Chairman is Nikolay Vladimirovich Radostovets.

To find out more about the activities of the Committee, please contact TC Executive Secretary – Assel Almaskyzy Kaldarbek,

Phone: +7 7172 689 616, Fax: +7 7172 689 602